Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tony Gwynn Has Cancer

I heard today that one of my childhood idols, Tony Gwynn, has cancer.

See that bulge in his lip above?

That's dip. ...

And that's why he has cancer.

Gwynn admitted today that dipping during and after his playing days gave him cancer.

That sucks. But it is unfortunately something that many people in America struggle with...

That's why when Tony Gwynn recovers from his fight with salivary cancer, he needs to use his national status and tell kids and adults not to dip. And show them what can happen if you do dip.

Dip is just as addictive and dangerous as smoking cigarettes. The thing with dip though is that people usually associate those who dip with ball players or those who live in the South.

That's not the case at all.

Dipping is something that unfortunately people of all ages do, and believe me, it is just as tough to quit it as it is to quit smoking cigarettes. Maybe harder.

I wish Tony Gwynn the best in his fight against cancer and hope that he lives through this and becomes a spokesperson to urge people not to dip.