Friday, April 23, 2010

Giants draft the freak...or a bust?

The Giants drafted DE Jason Pierre-Paul and I am not the bit happy about it.

Earlier this week, Giants GM Jerry Reese said that while the combine was added into the value of a player, it did not make the player because they were drafting a football player and not a gymnast. Was he trying to throw us off the scent. Or did he just panic when Mcclain and Spiller were off the board?

That's the question of the day folks.

Reese and the Giants scouts are saying now that Pierre-Paul is the second coming of the Freak Jevon Kearse, but Pierre-Paul has 1 year of college football experience. Wow.

I pointed this out to The Daily News's Giants beat reporter Ralph Vacchiano ( and he agreed with me on Twitter:

abianchini23 @TheBlueScreen didn't reese say this wk that he didn't think combine mattered because they were drafting a football player and not gymast?

TheBlueScreen @abianchini23 Good memory. Yes, he did say that.

I guess we'll all see together if Pierre-Paul turns out to be the freak that Reese is talking about or a complete bust.