Thursday, November 30, 2006

One Year Away from the Big 3-0

As Eddie Murphy once said in Coming to America: "Yes it is my birthday"

I have nothing else to add to the fact that this is my last birthday in my 20s, so I'll leave you with some quotes from TV and Movies to say it best:
South Park's Cartman: That's right 'cos it's mah birthday, mah b-b-b-birthday!
Family Guy's Stewie Griffin: Actually, my first violent act involved that ticking time bomb that I left in your uterus when I left. Happy 50th Birthday, Lois
From Old School:
Marissa: Listen, I'm sorry I didn't call you on your birthday.
Frank: My birthday? What do you mean? Marissa: Yeah, last Thursday. Oh, you forgot your birthday, didn't you, Frank? Frank: Damn it. I'm such an idiot.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

No. 19 Terps Take Down Fightin' Illini

It was a real solid 72-66 win in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge for the Maryland Terrapins last night. It was the first game of the season that I was able to watch. I honestly hadn't read a lot about the team this season, so I had no idea what to expect.

I was instantly shocked when I turned the TV on, as the Terps jumped out to a quick 15-point lead to start the game. Late in the 1st half, the Illini came rumbling back -- taking all of the early momentum back from the Terps and effectively getting the orange-cladded fans into the game. Past Terps teams - post 2002 Championship - would have folded up like a cheap suitcase, but apparently, this is not your John Gilchrist's Terrapins.

After falling behind by five with 8:55 left in the game, freshman point guard Greivis Vasquez (left) literally took over. It's been a long time since I've seen a freshman on any team positively take over the game all back himself. "General" Greivis played some great defense -- including a late steal off an inbounds -- and made some clutch baskets. I must say that I was really impressed with him. He is definitely a shoot-first guard, but so was Terrapin great Juan Dixon.

The Terrapins have missed the NCAA Tournament for the past 2 years, which seems inconceivable to Terp fans who enjoyed 12-13 straight years in the Big Dance. Now, it looks like they are ready to head back there led by an unlikely freshman point guard.

I think this situation is really indicative of teams that were once on top and are now working their way back to respectability. You saw it with the Terrapins after the 2002 National Championship. You saw it after the 2001 World Series loss for the Yankees. You saw it after the 2004 World Series win by the Red Sox.

Teams that are on top get extremely cocky and think that they can stay on top by interchangably switching -- maybe more talented -- players in and out. What actually happens is that when players like Juan Dixon or Paul O'Neill or Johnny Damon leave the team and are replaced by "me" first players or maybe more talented players like John Gilchrist or Jason Giambi or Coco Crisp. What happens though is that the team loses a chemistry it once had with your true leaders and role players.

I think that the Yankees are starting to realize that with some smaller headlines, but better moves this offseason. Good riddance Mr. Sheffield. Hopefully after a few years of bringing on cancerous players like Gil -Anti-christ (right), Travis Garrison and Ryan Randle, the Terrapins are also starting to realize that.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

It's a Brave New World

As a former sportswriter at the University of Maryland's Diamondback, I acquired the nickname "paperboy"; okay I made it up myself because of my work as a reporter and my love the old school Nintendo game Paperboy.

After getting out of the newspaper biz, I wrote poems for my then girlfriend/now wife. Now I write boring strategies/press releases and Q&As at work. I was hesitant to start a blog, but now think it might just be the thing to spruce up my life.

Is anyone reading? Who cares?

If you are...ENJOY!